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Liminal Update

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Well hi - has been forever. An update on what has been happening. I had my liminal exhibition on 6-22 November at RMIT Gallery. The work looked really great and the response was strong. Here are some pics:


liminal exhibition November 2008

Monday, August 25th, 2008

I’ll be having a solo exhibition at RMIT Gallery in November opening on the 6th and running until the 27th. Here is the official blurb:

liminal of or relating to the limen or threshold

liminal is a body of work that has been developed at the threshold of art + science. Leah Heiss has spent the past 10 months working with nanotechnologists to develop wearable works which address the emotional in therapeutic design. The outcome is a collection of jewellery scale artefacts and vessels which are both delicate yet compelling in their curative applications.

Two primary collections will be exhibited during liminal: diabetes + arsenic. diabetes is a range of jewellery which works in tandem with NanoVic’s transdermal patches that allow insulin to be administered through the skin, replacing syringes. arsenic encompasses a series of vessels which act to remove arsenic from water and are designed for people in transit in areas where arsenic is prevalent in well water (e.g. India, Bangladesh, United States).

As an artist Leah is interested in augmenting the emotional relationship between people and their cherished possessions through the agency of nanotechnology. liminal questions how we might ‘enable’

our personal artefacts with extra functionalities above and beyond the aesthetic – the power to heal, correct, and treat our physical ailments?


in.tangible.scape.s exhibition + book launch

Monday, August 25th, 2008

I will be heading to Belgium in November to be part of the in.tangible.scape.s exhibition in November. I have been invited to exhibit the outcomes of my recently completed AIR residency with Nanotechnology Victoria (supported by ANAT + Arts Victoria) at the in.tangible.scape.s exhibition, being held as part of the conference. The exhibition will also be the launch of the in.tangible.scape.s book being published by Addict Creative Labs http://www.addictlab.com) which features my residency prototypes.

I’ll also present at IMEC in Leuven a couple of days after the conference. IMEC is a leading international nanotechnology research centre which focuses on next generation technologies. They have partnered with Addict Creative Labs to develop the in.tangible.scape.s exhibition and book. This event will be open to the public, the research community and Addict Lab’s extensive creative network.

Object Exhibition

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

I have just returned from the opening of the Refashioning the Fashion exhibition at Object gallery in Sydney. The opening coincided with How You Make It a show curated by Kate Rhodes + encompassing works by a range of contemporary fashion practices. The opening went well and the refashioning show was a really eclectic mix of work by offbeat jewellers (Tiffant Parbs, Julia de Ville etc).  Anyhow - here are some pics:


Here is a link to the residency website which is coming together, from here you can download a pdf that shows all the images: Subtle Technologies

26 March - Clusters, Collections, and Traces

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

I am working in the idea of developing a cluster of elements for an exhibition at Object Gallery in late June. The artefacts that have been developed through the residency are all somewhere between devices and jewellery. Through prototyping the artefacts throughout the design process, irrespective of whether they are functional, I am starting to develop a collection of devices. This collection makes tangible the design process through casting iterations of ideas while they are in the process of hard boiling. The outcome will be a collection of artefacts for exhibition - similar to sets of medical tools.

small_medical-parts.jpg small_medical-parts-02.jpg small_medical-devices.jpg
Images from:

February 28th 2008…I have returned!

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

After 3 months of heavy pregnancy followed by new-baby-land I am finally back on board with my creative work. Well, in some capacity anyhow. The idea now is to focus on two primary projects: arsenic + diabetes. To recap:

Arsenic (nee carrying wellness):
This is a wearable piece and vessel for purifying water of arsenic. The neckpiece is a receptacle that carries mesoporous iron oxide which can remove arsenic from water.The vessel incorporates filtering devices and electroluminescent cable to provide illumination for the user when purifying water in darkness. The vessel and neckpiece are designed for people in transit in areas where arsenic is prevalent in found water (India, Bangladesh, United States).


I am developing a series of rings which house Microarray patches - for delivering insulin to the body at a dermal level. These are the extension of the Patch Rings (see pic 29 September) that I developed last year with Nanovic last year. They will be cast silver and hopefully contain some shape change alloys. As part of this project I am also developing a wearable administering device which will allow the microneedles to penetrate the skin.

The projects will become part of the Refashioning the Fashion exhibition at Object Gallery in Sydney in late June.

Refashioning the Fashion: Jewellery to rebuild, recreate, restore, renovate, reassemble, remodel, refashion, revamp, recondition, reinact.

(Source: Object Gallery website)

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Since last writing I have had some work in the FUSE exhibition in Adelaide. The show, curated by the extremely talented Sean O’Connell, was a group of invited “artists and jewellers exploring self and society through diverse technologies” (official catalogue blurb). My project, Arrhythmia, is an interactive which mimics certain Arrhythmias or disturbances in the rhythm of the heartbeat. As the user holds the heart and taps into its unsettling rhythm one engenders feelings of concern for the object. When cradled in the hands the heart beats but when put down to rest it stops beating. See www.fuseexhibition.com for more information.


Photograph by Sean O’Connell

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13 November - Therapeutic Objects

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

An interesting designer who did a project ‘therapeutic objects’ which investigated the relationship of humans to their therapeutics: Mathieu Lehanneur. http://www.mathieulehanneur.com/ (tab 4).
The work was exhibited as part of the 2005 MoMa exhibition SAFE: Design Takes on Risks. http://www.moma.org/exhibitions/2005/safe/safe.html


Image: Leah Heiss: Arrhythmia - to be exhibited as part of FUSE exhibition, Jam Factory, January 2008.

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